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The management bodies of BNGA are: General Assembly, Executive Council, Chairman of the Executive Council, Monitoring Council

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the association and is composed of all of its members.

The Executive Council (EC) decides on the working program of the association and defines the main areas of its activities. The EC is composed of:
1 "Overgas Inc." AD
2 "Bulgartransgaz" EAD
3 "Black Sea Technological Company" AD
4 "Citygas Bulgaria" AD
5 "Rila Gas" EAD
6 "Sevlievogas-2000" AD
7 "Tassy" Ltd
8 "Gastechnika" EOOD
9 "Overgas Technika" AD
10 "Remix Bulgaria" Ltd.
11 "Komekes" AD

The Chairman of EC directs and coordinates the activities of the organization. He/She also represents BNGA in front of institutions and during meetings with third parties.

Chairman of BANG is "Overgas Inc." AD, represented by Mr. Sasho Donchev, Executive Director.

Deputy Chairman of BNGA is ""Citygas Bulgaria" EAD, represented by Mr. Alexander Kozhjuharov, Deputy Executive Director.

The Monitoring Council is the body for internal control and supervision of BNGA. It is composed of the following three members:
1. Efrosima Zaneva-Dobranova
2. Todor Marinov
3. Dimitar Todorov

In order to further the goals of BNGA, as well as to facilitate its activities three thematic committees have been established: "Legislative matters", "Security of gas supplies" and "Sustainable Developement".