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Founded in 1994, the Bulgarian Association Natural Gas (BANG) is made up of legal entities and individuals who are involved in developing the natural gas industry in Bulgaria. Our active work throughout the years has won us many new friends and members. Today we unite 32 companies and 15 individuals who are the face of the natural gas sector in the country.

Our goals are:

- To represent and protect the common interests of our members;
- To ensure high quality services in the industry;
- To establish good practices in the natural gas sector;
- To enhance the corporate-social responsibility in the sector;
- To encourage innovation in the filed of natural gas;
- To promote the effective use of natural gas;
- To create an environment promoting the preparation of highly-skilled personnel in the industry;

In order to achieve our objectives we:

- Participate in the development of national programs aiming at the complete gasification of the country;
- Participate in the development of modern technical norms and standards;
- Submit to the relevant state authorities an opinion on projects for legislative acts and decisions related to commercial activities in the area of gasification;
- Provide competent judicial and professional consultation;
- Assist the education, the training and the re-qualification of specialists in the industry;
- Organize conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other natural gas related events.


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